Handmade Saya Knife Covers

handmade-sayaHere at Sharpening House we create our very own handmade knife covers and we can also tailor one for you. Each knife cover is made of poplar or maple wood. We currently have covers made for santoku knives, and chef knives.

the bolster is the thick middle part between the blade and the handle in the center of this image.

We do not have knife covers for knives with bolsters.
each knife cover is $30.00-35.00.
custom knife covers
cost $30.00 – $50.00.
the cost of the cover depends on how much wood is used.
each cover takes 2 days to make.

Wooden knife covers have many advantages:
  1. The blade can not penetrate the wood.
  2. The knife stays sharper.
  3. the wood absorbs moisture, preventing your knife from rusting.
  4. They can be made so that the knife cannot come out by accident.
  5. In most cases, they last longer than leather.

For questions about knife covers, visit us in store or message us on facebook!